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March 05, 2009


The link to "Teaching the Unteachable" is broken.

How are you and Robin going to decide whether a post is more appropriate for Less Wrong or Overcoming Bias?

I'm not entirely sure of why we need two separate sites, either. Couldn't everything just be posted on LW?

Why is there no RSS feed on Less Wrong? I do all of my important reading through RSS as I suspect many do.

There's an RSS feed, appearing in both my Firefox bar and below the "Top Contributors" sidebar. I'll forward your comment to the designers and tell them to make the RSS feed more prominent. Also linked to from my name.

Ah, thank you, I did not see it. I missed it because it is not called "RSS", which is what I search for on a page if the visible link does not jump out at me. May I therefore suggest that in addition to making it more prominent (it really should be at the top of the page) your designer also add the name RSS to it instead of only "subscribe to this page"? Perhaps "subscribe to this RSS feed"?

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