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March 01, 2009


I'll be there!

I'd love to go. Thanks so much for doing this.

me too.

Count me in.

Whoops, that's not the week I'm in DC.... cancel that :)

"If not..."

Cracked me up.

Could someone describe other OB meetings - what they did, what they liked/disliked - to give me some ideas how to run it?

I don't envision this as being a single long discussion session. My parties usually have 2 or 3 groups doing different things in parallel and serial.

Have to check with the wife.

I'd like to come. Thanks!

I should be able to make it.

Yes, I'd like to come.

I should be able to be there.

I'd like to come.

What happens at these meetings?

I'd love to come. Thanks for hosting, Philip!

I'm coming! Please send deetz.

I didn't get the email so I'm re-commenting.

I sent the email. If you didn't get it, let me know.

What happens at these meetings?
Don't know. Never been to one.

Phil, Tim and I will be there. What can we bring?

I have a whole lot of hors d’oeuvres (how I hate that word); wine, beer, cider; diet coke, dr. pepper, lemon-lime sode, diet orange soda, diet root beer, cherry soda; crackers; potato and corn chips, french fries, mini-tacos, peanuts; small chocolate bars; one pie and one cheesecake; cookies; crab cakes; carrots & celery.

Could use more dips and spreads, fruit juice, mead, bagels, homemade bread, and actual food.

I'm well-stocked for games, but you can bring games. If you have a video that you think is particularly relevant, bring it. In either case it's up to you to convince people to play/watch.

Well, I didn't see this post until today, five hours before the gathering is planned to begin. So I feel like a real jerk saying "I'd love to come by." I will not be offended if ignored!

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