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February 21, 2009


Lore Sjöberg prefers to write his last name with an ö (o with umlaut), as a Google search will verify.

I went and read that Neal Stephenson book. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone--it's awfully dated and doesn't seem to have a strong point at the end that makes all the meandering worthwhile.

I feel doubly let down. Not only did I too go and read the peice by Stephenson, which was disappointing, but when I came back here to express my disappointment I found I'd been beaten to it.

The quote itself is still a very good one, though.

Sorry about that. It's been a long time since I read the Stephenson piece in question, and all I had was the quote in my file. If I'd realized, I wouldn't have quoted it, or would have dropped a warning in the comments.

Do you have a reference for the Malcolm McMahon quote? Thanks.

I cannot seem to google the Ryan Lortie quote. Where did that come from?

anonymous coward & pdf23ds: Interesting that you went off on such an intellectual wild goose chase... ;)

Lore Sjoberg is my new hero.

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