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January 07, 2009


The Book of the New Sun is/are my favourite book(s), but I'm not really sure what the quote you chose means. Perhaps, in the context of this blog at least, you could interpret it to support the idea of a person being a pattern of information, or even the idea that it doesn't matter whether a mind-model is conscious or not.

Shard: it's a theodicy; specifically, I think it's a divine plan theodicy ( https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Theodicy#God.27s_divine_plan_is_good_.E2.80.94_no_theodicy_is_needed ). (This isn't surprising, given Wolfe's intellectual interests.)

In this blog context, I suppose one could argue, it is a suggestion that it would not necessarily be a bad thing for a superintelligence to simulate humans/sentient-beings in unpleasant or unhappy situations if the dis-utilities of the simulated humans are not merely very much tinier than the utilities the superintelligence gets from the results of the simulation.

I do not agree with everything I quote! The opposite of a Great Truth is generally a Great Lie, but sometimes you need to see them side-by-side to understand them. Look at the quote above, and the quote below.

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