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January 30, 2009


I think you distort the picture by emphasizing that the personal interpretation of dreams can have socially convenient consequences. I "bet" that this explains only a very small part of how fictional experiences are interpreted, and (as several of us said in the discussion of fiction) that interpretive tendencies are far more solipsistic in origin. They are expressive of and a response to the situation of being a finite mind in an unknown reality, not just of being one person in a society of mutually interested persons.

Robin, what is your take on the Threat Simulation Theory of dreaming? See:

I concur. My interpretations of my dreams do not tend to be socially convenient. For instance, I suspect some of my dreams are supernatural in origin, but as you can see, this makes me sound loopy.

I suspect dreams do tell us things about ourselves, things we don't want to know. The self-deception module is "turned-off" when we're sleeping...

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