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December 22, 2008


General Kurt's link goes to Hanlon.

TGGP, I think it's supposed to. The General is quoted in the linked article.

Some criticism of evolutionary psychology as it is commonly perceived, courtesy of Scientific American.

Mark Cuban assumes you and the seller are the only people in the market. If there are lots of traders, then the trade price is set by some average assessment of the stock value. Cuban also assumes that you want to buy the stock because you think it's undervalued, and the seller because he thinks its overvalued. But maybe the seller just needs cash, or you just want to invest.

A paradox of economic equilibrium theory is you shouldn't have to do any research: the "invisible hand" of free market should guide all prices to their correct value. The paradox is the theory assumes everyone is fully informed and rational, which seems to conflict with the ability to avoid doing any research. The reality is a more complicated and nuanced picture, which is why I'm surprised how forcefully some people defend free market fundamentalism.

I'd like to believe General Kurt, but I'm pretty sure he's a fictional character and that the line was invented for the pleasure of clever lazy people. DAMN! he's real!?! Where can I find such an employer in a position of great power today?

Replaced General Kurt's URL with a link to his main article. Wow, I had no idea this guy was such a hero.

I could be mistaken, but Colonel David Hackworth used that quote by General Kurt in his book 'About Face' without attribution. Since I first read it I thought it was a Hackworth original.

Here's my pet idea: the primary cognitive bias affecting this blog's community lies in underestimating the limits to reductionist explanation.

This is how you end up with statements like "X is not about Y (X is about Z)" even when X is pretty clearly more about Y than about Z (although the world in general may tend to downplay the extent to which X is about Z).

Hm, another Tsukihime quote. I wonder if perhaps Eliezer should one day do A Seed AI programmer's guide to Anime"? :)

Great selection!

Doug S.:Some criticism of evolutionary psychology as it is commonly perceived, courtesy of Scientific American.

Anyone reading that... Do Not Adjust Your Mind Set without checking counterarguments such as this, this and those in the comments in Doug's link.

"One learns only when the mind wants to and not at set times. "

quotes from The Prisoner.

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