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December 31, 2008


Excellent advice Eliezer!

I have a game I play ever few months or so. I get on my motorcycle, usually on a Friday, pack spare clothes and toiletries, and head out in a random direction. At most every branch in the road I choose randomly, and take my time exploring and enjoying the journey. After a couple of days, I return hugely refreshed, creative potential flowing.

> do it every New Year

like a routine? :)

I love it!

the value of this is most easily demonstrated in daydream scenarios. I'm guessing that other people, like me, find themselves going through some of the same fantasies time and time again, whether they be about wealth, sex, prestige or whatever else. A few days ago I banished all these familiar fantasies and spent some time thinking up new ones. Not only was it a wonderfully fun exercise, it seemed to increase my creativity when doing other activities throughout the day.

Wow! This post is particularly relevant to my life right now. On January 5th I start bootcamp, my first day in the military.

Sounds like Jan 5th will be your New Day!


On a related note, one of my resolutions is to do more reading, for this very reason. My own project thrives most when I get exposed to new and different ideas. There is so much knowledge out there, and so little time in which to absorb it. Someone could have already thought of the next critical piece I need to move forward, and I wouldn't even know it yet.

Excellent advice and I know many successful creative thinkers have taken advantage of similar strategies such as refusing to live in the same place for more than X years in a row.

I think the insight should sometimes be combined with Robin's idea about varying on one dimension and not trying to deviate from the crowd on all dimensions at once. Perhaps doing it 10 times year, where one day you vary just your mathematical techniques, etc., etc.

"If it works, you could make it a holiday tradition, and do it every New Year."

I sincerely hope the humor in this sentence was intentional.

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