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September 23, 2008


Are there any sources of more information on this convulsive effort that adult religionists go through upon noticing the lack of God?

Maybe people have an instinct to preserve their former strategies, because doing so often works. If you find out a new fact, you don't usually have to abandon your whole set of beliefs. Are view shattering facts/arguments more common for abstract issues?

I find it funny that HMC just happens to be the acronym for my college.

On the other hand, I find this new style of writing intriguing. I think it will make a lot of sense in the book :)

>>> I find this new style of writing intriguing.

Me too. I find it much more readable and enjoyable than the majority of previous posts.

Now I understand why you didn't like my ideas back in 2002, they were somewhat like the ideas you had just rejected.

I'd just come at them for completely different reasons. I've stuck with them with a fair bit of refinement though, mainly because they are the only way I can see for a system to be able to try to win, under circumstances where the universe cares how and what you compute.

Post I'd like to read: Eliezer's Chrono-Conference Call With His Various Previous Selves.

You could even have Eliezer-2018 make an appearance towards the end. Oh, and please write it in the style of the GEB dialogues.

He has discovered that there is no chocolate at the store, but since he is in the car already, why not still head there and check the baked goods?

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