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January 20, 2008


A couple of these remind me of an old fighter pilots' motto: "Second place dies; cheat to win."

"Altruistic behavior: An act done without any intent for personal gain in any form. Altruism requires that there is no want for material, physical, spiritual, or egoistic gain."

"Personal gain" is a very vague concept so this is not the best definition. Is the warm fuzzy feeling I get after helping someone personal gain? ( it sounds like "Spirtual" or "egoistic" gain to me.) Is fufilling any desire whatsoever personal gain? ( If so it' hard to see that there are very many things which are not selfish.) These questions need answering just as much as the intial question so I don't think this quote is a satisfactory answer.

These quotes seem to have little to do with rationality. What's the connection?

Another one on rationality... "When proper temperament joins with proper intellectual framework, then you get rational behavior." - Warren Buffett

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