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December 25, 2006


Like most important things in life, this has been explored on The Simpsons, when Apu wrecked the curve for everybody else on Valentine's Day.

Interesting. I don't know that I entirely agree, mostly because I don't feel that way about gifts, or at least I don't think I think or behave that way about gifts I receive. But then I'm a man, and maybe my feeling about gifts is different. I think we need a little more analysis on the evolutionary forces that would have caused such behavior.

what's your basis for concluding that people, when gift-giving, are comparing their gift to that of others? or consciously and intentionally playing in some kind of contest -- a war of love -- to look better than, and to deliberately harm, others?

Tirta, imagine you gave one of your children twice as much stuff for Xmas as another - how do you think the one with less would feel about that? Of how would your child feel if one of their friends, with parents just as rich as you, got twice as much stuff? How would you feel?

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